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Edward Larned Ryerson

metal products executive.

Edward Larned Ryerson, American metal products executive. Recipient numerous medals and awards, including Elbert H. Gary Memorial award American Iron and Steel Institute, 1951, Centennial award Northwestern University, 1951, Emmy award Academy television Arts and Sciences, 1962, Damen award Loyola University, Chicago, Illinois, 1963; Alexis de Tocqueville service award Welfare Council of Metropolitan Chicago, 1965.


Ryerson, Edward Larned was born on December 3, 1886 in Chicago, Illinois, United States. Son of Edward Larned and Mary (Mitchell) Ryerson.


Bachelor of Philosophy, Yale, 1908, Master of Arts (honorary), 1932, honorary Doctor of Laws, 1962. Student Massachusetts Institute Technology, 1909. Doctor of Laws, Kenyon College, 1947, Williams College, 1952, University of Chicago, 1956.

Doctor of Civil Law, Ripon College, 1948.


December 1971); children—Nora (Mistress George A. Ranney), Edward, Morton (killed in action United States Army Air Force 1944). Formerly chairman, then honorary director Inland Steel Company, Joseph T. Ryerson & Son, Inc. Honorary vice president American Iron and Steel Institute, member board, 1939-1953, Chairman of Commission public relations, 1946-1953.

Chief delegation United States steel and iron ore mining representatives to Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics, 1958. Lecturer Fulbright exchange program Australian universities, 1958. Honorary chairman Chicago Ednl. television Association, founding chairman, 1953, president, 1953-1967.

President emeritus Hospital Planning Council Metropolitan Chicago, 1962. Chairman Illinois Public Aid Commission, 1932-1933, 41-48. President Community Fund Chicago, 1931-1938, 42-44, Chicago Commons, 1941-1945, Community Chests and Councils, Inc., 1947-1950.

Board of directors Council on Foundations, Inc., president, 1949-1962. Board directors Epsicopal Church Foundation, 1949-1970. Director John Crerar Library, 1933-1964, president, 1953-1954.

Trustee Orchestra Association Chicago, 1930-1957, president, 1938-1952, honorary trustee, 1957-1971. Trustee University of Chicago, 1923-1956, chairman trustees, 1953-1956, life trustee, 1956-1971. Trustee Chicago Community Trust, 1931-1958, Chairman Executive Committee, 1944-1956.

Trustee Carnegie Endowment International Peace, 1933, honorary, 1956. Fellow Yale Corporation, 1932-1944.


Clubs: Attic, Chicago, Commerical, Mid-America, Old Elm, Union League, Cliff Dwellers (Chicago).


Married Nora Butler, October 6, 1914 (deceased. Children: Nora (Mistress.

Edward Larned Ryerson

Mary (Mitchell) Ryerson

Nora Butler

Nora (Mrs Ryerson