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Edward R. Stettinius


Edward R. Stettinius, American banker. member J. P. Morgan & Co; member War Council, Mar.


Stettinius, Edward R. was born on February 15, 1865 in St. Louis, Missouri, United States. Son of Joseph Stettinius.


Educated St. Saint Louis University.


Removed from St. Louis to Chicago, 1892. Treasurer and later vice-president and general manager of the Stirling Company, machinery manufacturers, 1892-1905. Formed Stirling Consolidated Boiler Company, 1905, which was consolidated, 1906, with Babcock & Wilcox Company, of which he became vice president.

Elected treasurer Diamond Match Company, 1908, president, 1909. Was retained, January 1915, by J. P. Morgan & Company, to organize department for purchase of munitions, materials, etc., for British and French goverments. Became member J. P. Morgan & Company, January 1, 1916.

Appointed surveyor general of supplies for War Department, of the United States Government, January 1918, member War Council, March 1918, 2d assistant secretary of war, April 6, 1918. Representative of the United States on Interallied Munitions Council, Paris, July 1918, and special representative of the United States War Department in Europe, August 1918-January 1919, when resigned position with United States Government and resumed connection with J. P. Morgan & Company Home: New York, New York.


Member J. P. Morgan & Co. Member War Council, Mar.


Married Judith Carrington, October 18, 1894.

Joseph Stettinius. Stettinius

Judith Carrington