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Eino Kaarlo Ilmari Jutikkala Edit Profile


Eino Kaarlo Ilmari JUTIKKALA, Finnish historian. Culture Foundation for Finland and Sw’eden 1960-1971.


Jutikkala, Eino Kaarlo Ilmari was born on October 24, 1907 in Sááksmáki, Finland. Son of Kaarle Fredrik and Hilma Maria (Hagelberg) Rinne.


Master of Arts, Helsinki University, Finland, 1928. Doctor of Philosophy, Helsinki University, Finland, 1932. Doctor of Philosophy (honorary), Helsinki University, Finland, 1956.

Academician, Helsinki University, Finland, 1972. Doctor of Philosophy (honorary), Helsinki Commercial University, Finland, 1966. Doctor of Philosophy (honorary), Stockholm University, 1966.

Doctor of Philosophy (honorary), Tampere University, Finland, 1985.


Reader Helsinki University, Finland, 1933-1947, professor Finnish history Finland, 1947-1950, 54-74, professor economic history 5, Finland, 1950-1954, vice dean faculty humanities Finland, 1960-1966, dean Finland, 1966-1969. Chairman State Commission for Humanities, 1967-1970.


  • Other Work

    • Suomen talonpojan historia 1942, Atlas of Finnish History 1949, Turun kaupungin historia 1856-1917 1957, A History of Finland 1962, Pohjoismaisen yhteiskunnan historialliset juuret 1965, Bonden adelsmannen kronan i Norden 1550-1750 1979, Tampereen kaupungin historia 1905-1945 1979, Desertion in the Nordic Countries 1300-1600 (with others) 1982, Kuolemalla on aina syyn usa 1987. Studies dealing with demographic, agrarian and parliamentary history, the history of communications, etc. Editor of several historical works and learned journals (Historiallinen Aikakauskirja 1970-1982).


Chairman Helsinki Municipal History Committee, 1964-1989. Member board Cultural Foundation Sweden and Finland, 1960-1971, member expert committee, 1970-1991. Finnish representative International Committee Urban History, 1968-1979.

Member Finnish Academy of Sciences (honorary, chairman 1969-1970), Finnish Society Sciences (chairman 1981-1982), Kungliga vitterhets, historie och antikvitets akademien (Sweden), Finnish History Society (honorary), Scandinavian Society Economic History (chairman 1972-1979).


Kaarle Fredrik Rinne

Hilma Maria (Hagelberg) Rinne