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Elena Semenovna Chernaia


Elena Chernaia, Musicologist.


Chernaia, Elena was born on June 4, 1903 in Moscow. Wife of the writer and musician, O. Chernyi. Son of a peasant.


Lecturer at the Russian University of Theatre Arts, Moscow. Authority on Mozart and the music of his time. Chernenko, Konstantin Ustinovich' 24.9.1911-1910.3.1985.

Politician. . Joined the Communist Party, 1930. Served in Cheka detachments (border guard). Several party posts in Siberia.

In the 1950s, moved to Moldavia and became the right-hand man of the local party leader, L. Brezhnev, whose loyal assistant he remained all his life, moving later with him to Moscow. Candidate member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, 1966, member, 1971, secretary, 1976. Member of the Politburo,1978.

After Brezhnev’s death in 1982, was denied succession by Andropov, but after Andropov’s death, he was elected party leader on the Brezhnevite backlash, aided by the uncertainty of succession among the younger generation (rivalry between Gorbachev and Romanov). Old and visibly ailing, he was elected to the post of leader as a compromise candidate, to give the younger pretenders time to sort out the question of the real succession. Became the last of the gerontocrats characteristic of the Brezhnevite period of stagnation.