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Ernest Boquet-Jimenez Edit Profile

educator , Pharmacist , clinical microbiologist

Ernest Boquet-Jimenez, Spanish clinical microbiologist, educator, pharmacist.


Boquet-Jimenez, Ernest was born on January 12, 1946 in Ripollet, Barcelona, Spain. Son of Alfonso Boquet Busoms and Maria Reyes Jimenez Bigas.


Graduate in pharmacy, University Barcelona, 1971. Diploma in public health, University Barcelona, 1972. Doctor in Pharmacy, University Barcelona, 1974.


Professor microbiology University Barcelona, 1978—1982. Professor University Nursery School, Manresa, 1990-1995. Adjunct professor University Barcelona, 1974-1975, aggregate professor, 1975-1977, specialist in clinical biology, 1999, specialist in microbiology and parasitology, 1986, European clinical chemist, 2001.

Director microbiology laboratory Hospitalary Center, Manresa, 1974-1983, General Hospital of Catalonia, Sant Cugat, 1985-1989. Director Echevarne Laboratory, Manresa, 1991-1996. Honorary professor Albert Schweitzer International University.

Adviser San Juan de Dios Hospital, Manresa, 1978-1989, San Andres Hospital, Manresa, 1980-1989, Clinica Sagrada Familia, Barcelona, 1990-1996, Clinica Platon, Barcelona, 1990-1996, Clinica Teknon, Barcelona, 1992-1996, Ministry of Health, Spain, PAHO, Washington, Indiana Aulabor Spain.


Member American Society Microbiology, Asociacion Espanola Farmaceuticos Analistas (vice president 1987-1991), Microbiology Quality Assurance of Spain (director 1978-1997), New York Academy of Sciences (life), European Conference External Quality Assessment Organizers (vice president 1992-1995), European Ligand-Assay Society (board directors 1992-1996), Federation Specialists of Colombia (honorary), Royal Academy Pharmacy of Catalonia (honorary), Bio-chemical Federation of Argentina (honorary), Cuban Society Clinical Pathology (honorary), others.


Married Maria Dolors Figueras, June 30, 1970. Children: Meritxell, Ernest.

Alfonso Boquet Busoms

Maria Reyes Jimenez Bigas

Maria Dolors Figueras

Meritxell Boquet-Jimenez

Ernest Boquet-Jimenez