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Ernest Chuard Edit Profile

Chuard wrote numerous studies on soils, water resources, vine diseases and fertilizers and actual science works. In 1888 he and Samuel Biéler founded the "Chronique agricole".


Chuard received a degree the Doctor of Chemistry after studing at the Academy till 1882.


From 1890 till 1897 he was a member of the Radical Community Council (legislative) of Lausanne. As his father was a governor of the Payerne Government from 1877 till 1907, Chuard had to withdraw his candidacy in the election to the State Government in 1900. From 1907 till 1919 he was in the National Council, besides he was in the parliament from 1909 till 1912. In 1912 he was elected in the State Council and managed the Departments of Education and Culture, and he headed the Agriculture, Trade and Industry Departments from 1917 till 1919.

Chuard was the Father of the University Acts of 1919. He served as the director of the Canton Supply Service During the 1st World War, and from 1919 till 1928 he was a member of the State Government. His election into the Federal Council wasconditioned: Paul Maillefer, the official candidate of the Vaud Liberal Party was rejected by the Federal Assembly, and Chuard was elected to the office on the fifth round when he had no hope to be elected. The Swiss-German deputies named him ‘a born mediator’ because he always tried to maintain the dialogue between linguistic communities in spite of tensions during the war. He was involved in cultural issues (especially creations of public libraries), the drug-fighting and hunting, introduced the telegraph service and built the meteorological service. In 1924 he held the post of Federal President. He wanted to be a "Transitional Federal Council", but remained in Bern for nine years until the Vaud Liberals had finally found a successor.


  • In 1888 he and Samuel Biéler founded the "Chronique agricole".

  • Chuard was the father of the University Acts of 1919.


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