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Eugenio Luigi Iorio Edit Profile


Eugenio Luigi Iorio, Italian physician. Co-recipient Medicine Nobel prize, 1998, 2008.


Iorio, Eugenio Luigi was born on June 21, 1958 in Foggia, Italy.


Doctor of Medicine in Medicine and Surgery, Faculty Medicine, Naples, Italy, 1987. Doctor of Philosophy in Bio-chemical Sciences, Faculty Life Sciences, Naples, 1993. Doctor of Philosophy in Clinical Chemistry, Biochemistry, University Naples, 1998.


Medical physician, emergency unit, Naples, Salerno, 1989—1991. Professor, anatomy, physiology and geriatrics Nursey Medical School Cardarelli's Medical Hospital, Naples, 1992—1994. Professor, chemistry Nursery Medical School University Naples, 1994—1995.

Quality control team leader, healthy professionals CEPAS, Rome, 1999—2003. Professor, biochemistry Specialisation School Clinical Chemistry and Biochemistry University Naples, 2001—2004, Specialisation School Food Science University Naples, 2004—2006. President International Observatory Oxidative Stress, Salerno, Italy, since 2007.

Chief, biannual program Italian Ministry of Health.


  • Achievements include research in free radicals, antioxidants and mediterranean diet. Research in experimental studies on platelet activating factor metabolism in inflammatory cells. Research in relationships between mood disorders, endocrinology, immunology and nutrition.

    Development of d-ROMs test in clinical practice and a specific software to manage oxidative stress on basis on a original diagnostic algorythm.


  • Other Work

    • Contributor numerous articles and science papers to professional publications.


Member of La Fabbrica dei Sapori, Greek Society Free Radicals Research, Italian Association Clinical Pathology, Italian Society Laboratory Medicine, Italian Society Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, World Association Antiaging Medicine, World Association Genomic Medicine, Italian Association Kousmine Method, Italian Association Antiaging Pharmacists, Italian Association Antiaging Medicine, Nuova Scuola Medica Salernitana (honorary).