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Evgenii Ivanovich Chazov

cardiologist , medical administrator , politician

Evgenii Chazov, USSR Cardiologist, medical administrator, politician.


Chazov, Evgenii was born in 1929.


Graduated from the Kiev Medical Institute in 1953.


The Soviet Union’s leading cardiologist. Cardiologist, Dr of Medical Sciences, 1963. Professor, 1965. Corresponding member of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences, 1967.

Member of staff at the Clinical Consultation Office in the First Medical Institute, Moscow, 1953-1958. Member of staff at the Institute of Cardiology, Moscow, 1958-1967. Chief of the Department of Intensive Care at the Institute of Cardiology, 1967.

Deputy USSR Minister of Health, 1968. Deputy to the USSR Supreme Soviet, 1974. Director General of the Cardiological Scientific Centre from 1976.

Candidate member of the Central Committee, 1981-1982. Full member from 1982. Minister of Health of the USSR, 1987.

As chief therapist, has been personal physician to all postKhrushchev party leaders including Brezhnev, Chernenko and Andropov. One of his functions is to sign medical bulletins and authorize the postmortem after the death of a Soviet leader.