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Fedor Fedorovich Raskol’nikov

politician , Revolutionary

Fedor Raskol’nikov, USSR Revolutionary, politician. Real name: Il’in.


Raskol’nikov, Fedor was born in 1892.


Leader of the Bolshevik sailors, and head of the Kronstadt Party Committee in 1917. Took part in the Bolshevik take-over in October 1917. Secretary of Pravda. Appointed head of the Red Navy.

Later given several important diplomatic assignments, including one as Ambassador to Afghanistan (the first country to establish diplomatic relations with Lenin’s government). In the 1930s, published Rasskazy Michmana Il’ina. Married his fellow-Bolshevik, the beautiful Larisa Reisner, who later left him.

Threatened by Stalin’s purges, sought political asylum in France in 1939. His defection became a cause celebre when he wrote an open letter denouncing Stalin and his methods.