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Feng-chi Liu Edit Profile

army officer

Feng-chi Liu was a Chinese army officer.


Mr. Liu was born at Hai-ping, Honan, China.


He entered army service in 1917. Then he received advanced training at a Cadets' School established by Gen. Feng Yu-hsiang in Peking and was graduated from that School.


Gen. Liu Feng-chi served through various grades in the Kuominchun Army and participated in the battle of Nankow Pass against the Fengtien Army. He was appointed commander of the 16th Mixed Brigade (which was formerly commanded by Gen. Feng Yu-hsiang in 1917) in 1927, then promoted Commander of the 4th Division of Cavalry Force of the Kuominchun the same year and fought many battles against the Shantung Army of the late Gen. Chang Chun-chang during the Northern Punitive Expedition.

Mr. Liu was also appointed Commander of the 1st Army of Cavalry Force with the rank of Full General in 1929. Upon reorganization of tha Army as the 1st Cavalry Division in 1930, he remained as commander of the Division.