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Francis Marion COLLIER Edit Profile

Lieutenant Commander , United States Navy

Francis Marion COLLIER, Lieutenant Commander, United States Navy. Member of Alumni of Virginia Polytechnic Institute; New York Chap, of V. Philippine Islands; National American Legion (Alumni).


COLLIER, Francis Marion was born on March 31, 1888 in Big Stone Gap, Virginia, United States. Son of Samuel Alexander and Sarah (Gilly) Collier.


Virginia Polytechnic Institute. Naval Academy.


On United States Ship-South Carolina as Passed Midshipman. Appointed Ensign 1912. Lieutenant, (jg) 1915.

Lieutenant (Temporary) 1917, permanent 1918. Lieutenant Commander (Temporary) 1918, permanent 1921. Entered War, went to Queenstown, England in destroyer early 1917.

Chief Engineer of destroyer. Returned to the United States 1917. Executive Officer, put new type of destroyer in commission, returned to Europe operating out of Brest, France.

Comnd. of converted yacht Vedette doing Coastal Patrol work operating out of Brest to Bordeaux 1918. Vedette was also pilotship of destroyer Worden. Brought Worden back to the United States.

Was given comnd. of Ballard, went to Europe operating with Hoover Food Commission 1919. Went to shore duty at Navy Yard, Norfolk, Virginia 1919. Given assignments of Executive Officer in various ships including Executive Officer of Receiving ship at New York Assistant Commandant and Captain of Yard of 7 Naval District at present.

Awarded the Navy Cross for work in escorting ships through Mine Field at Brest, France.


Member of Alumni of Virginia Polytechnic Institute. New York Chap, of V. Philippine Islands. National American Legion (Alumni).

Clubs: Army and Navy of Washington, District of Columbia and New York.


Spouse Linda May Ward, September 19, 1921, Norfolk, Virginia.