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Francisco Hernandez Altemir, Spanish surgeon. Member ECMFS, SECOM, Royal Medicine Academy.


Altemir, Francisco Hernandez was born on April 8, 1937 in Burjasot, Spain. Son of Jose Hernandez and Maria Altemir.


Licenciado en medicina y cirugia, Madrid, 1961. Licenciado medico estomatologo, Facultad de Estomatologia, Madrid, 1963. Doctor of Medicine, Facultad de Medicina, Zaragoza, Spain, 1978.


Peds. consultant Facultad Medicina, Madrid, since 1971, tramatology and orthopaedics consultant, since 1971, plastic surgery consultant, since 1970. Head department oral and maxillofacial surgery Hospital Miguel Servet, Zaragoza, since 1975. Head department maxillofacial surgery Red Cross Hospital, Zaragoza, since 1976.

Extraordinary collaborator professor University Zaragoza.


  • Achievements include invention of immediately voluntary lenthening device for tennis rackets and other perfections that modify the racket aesthetic and dynamics. Patents for endotracheal tube. Patents for nasotracheal tube for exploration and intubation.

    Patents for perfectioned surgical drainage. Patents for device for auscultation of the air flow to facilitate endotracheal intubation. Design of security device for a better control of impacted third molars during exodontias.

    Development of submental route visted using the laryngael mask airway. Development of submental intubation with bronchial fibroscopy. Development of modifications of nasotracheal intubation with a new orotracheal tube.

    Development of technique to facilitate the extraction of the permanent dental structures in pollicular phase. Development of endotracheal tube modified to make easy nasotracheal intubation. Development of subzygomaticomalar endotracheal intubation in selected cases.

    Design of new method of installing ectopic digestive catheter in different medical and veterinary specialities. Design of endotrachael ectopic intubations. Design of ectopic digestive probes.

    Design of interocclussal oral wedge of curved jugal surface with space. Design of device to isolate from the surgical field the possible orotracheal commissural tube with or without lingual malleable retractor.


Member ECMFS, SECOM, Royal Medicine Academy.


  • Other Interests

    Basketball, tennis, fishing.


Married Maria Luz Montero, March 18, 1965. Children: Susana, Sara, Sofia, Elena, Rebeca.

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