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Francisco Javier Ruiz Pastor Edit Profile

chemist , researcher , science educator

Francisco Javier Ruiz Pastor, Spanish chemist, researcher, science educator. Grantee, Ministry of Education and Science of Spain, 1980, 1982-1985, 1991-1993. Member of Spanish Society Chemistry.


Pastor, Francisco Javier Ruiz was born on December 6, 1959 in Olmedo, Spain. Son of Geminiano Ruiz and Lucía Pastor.


Bachelor of Science, University Valladolid, Spain, 1976—1981. Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry, University Oviedo, Spain, 1982—1985.


Professor, inorganic chemistry University Valladolid, Spain, 1981—1982. Fellow University Oviedo, Spain, 1982—1985, Spain, 1991—1993, professor, inorganic chemistry Spain. Chemist, research & development department UEO, Bilbao, Spain, 1986—1989.

Assistant International Capital Market Association, Lausanne, Switzerland, 1989—1991.


  • Achievements include research in the first synthesis of diphosphanylketenimine molecules and their use in the preparation of novel phosphorus heterocycles. Research in the new polysulfide chemistry with pendant metal complexes: Study of reversible S-S bond breaking and bond forming processes. Research in the generation and trapping of new type of highly electrophilic carbenes.

    Research in the metal-assisted synthesis of functionalized diphosphines.


Member of Spanish Society Chemistry.


  • Other Interests

    Tennis, chess, reading.


Geminiano Ruiz

Lucía Pastor