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educator , Mathematician , Computer scientist

Frank Harary, American Mathematician, computer scientist, educator. Member American Mathematics Society, London Math Society, Glasgow Math Society, Edinburgh Math Society, Canada Math Society, S.E. Asian Math Society, Malaysian Math Society, Calcutta Math Society (vice president since 1978), Mathematics Association American, Society for Industrial and Applied Math, Allahabad Mathematics Society.


Harary, Frank was born on March 11, 1921 in New York City. Son of Joseph and Mary (Laby) Harary.


Bachelor, Brooklyn College, 1941. Master of Arts, Brooklyn College, 1945. Doctor of Philosophy, University California, Berkeley, 1948.

Master of Arts status, University Oxford, England, 1973. Doctor of Science, Master of Science in Mathematics (honorary), University Aberdeen, Scotland, 1975. Fil.Dr. in Social Sciences (honorary), University Lund, Sweden, 1978.

Master of Arts status, University Cambridge, England, 1981. Honorary Doctor of Science in Computer Science, University Exeter, England, 1992.


Member faculty department mathematics University Michigan, Ann Arbor, 1948-1986, professor, 1964-1986, professor emeritus, 1987—2005. Faculty associate Research Center for Group Dynamics, Institute Social Research, 1950-1982. Distinguished visiting professor mathematics and computer science New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, 1986, Distinguished professor computer science, 1987—2005.

Member Institute Advanced Study, Princeton, New Jersey, 1957-1959. Visiting professor mathematics Princeton University, 1958-1959, University College London, 1962-1963. Senior research behavioural science Tavistock Institute Human Relations, London, 1962-1963.

Visiting professor statistics London School of Economics, 1966-1967. Visiting professor psychology University Melbourne, 1969. Visiting professor combinatorics University Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, fall 1970.

Visiting professor psychology University Central, Caracas, Venezuela, 1979. Visiting professor electrical engineering University Chile, Santiago, 1970. Visiting professor mathematics University Copenhagen, 1970, Technion, Haifa, Israel, 1973, University Niamey, Niger, 1975, University Newcastle, Australia, 1976, University Tartu, Estonia, 1989, University Catania, Italy, 1988, Ain Shams University, Cairo, 1992, University Rome, 1992, 93.

Visiting professor compuer science University Jyvaskyla, Finland, 1992, 96. Fellow Wolfson College, University Oxford, 1973-1974, Churchill College, Cambridge University, 1980-1981. Visiting professor civil engineering Columbia University.

Visiting professor chemistry University Paris, 1971, University Basel, Switzerland, 1974, Texas Agricultural and Mechanical University, Galveston, 1993. Visiting professor geography University Lagos, Nigeria, 1975. Visiting professor Tallinn Botanical Gardens, Estonian Academy of Sciences, 1989.

Visiting professor computer science Alexander the Great University of Macedonia, Thessaloniki, Greece, 1993, 96, University Tampere, Finland, 1993, Tallinn Technology University, Estonia, 1993. Visiting professor economics Aristotle University Thessaloniki, 1993. Visiting professor mechanical engineering National Cheng Kung University, Tainan, Taiwan, 1988, 96.

Colloquium lecturer Edinburgh Mathematics Society, St. Andrews, 1972. Inaugural lecturer Southeast Asian Mathematics Society, Singapore, 1972. Lecturer Malaysian Mathematics Society, Penang, Malaysia, 1974.

Lecturer Institute Management Sciences & Operations Research Society of America, Philadelphia, 1958, OR Society of America, Institute Radio Engineers, New York City, 1958, American Association for the Advancement of Science, New York City, 1960, Linguistic Society of America, New York City, 1960, American Mathematics Society, New York City, 1960, 1st Caribbean Combinatorial Conference, Kingston, Jamaica, 1970, Bridgetown, Barbados, 1977, Society Industrial and Applied Mathematics, Santa Barbara, California, 1968, 3rd Conference Information Retrieval, Elsinore, Denmark, 5th British Combinatorial Conference, Aberdeen, Scotland, 1975, 7th Southeast, Conference on Graph Theory and Computing, Baton Rouge, 1977, 88, 96Ont. Mathematics Meetings, St. Catherine, 1977, Bremer Konferenz zur Chemie, Bremen, Germany, 1978, European Association for Theoretical Computer Science, Udine, Italy, 1978, Mathematics Association American, Bradenton, Florida, 1974, Valparaiso, Indiana, 1980, Holland, Michigan, 1980, Brookings, South Dakota, 1983, Serbian Chemical Society, Kragujevac, Yugoslavia, 1980, Greek Mathematics Society, Athens, 1983, Association for Mathematics Applied to Economic and Social Sciences, Catania, Sicily, 1983, Conference on Graph Theory, Steiner Systems and Their Applications, Santa Tecla, Sicily, 1986, 89, Calcutta Math Society, 1986, Indian Math Society, Allahabad, 1986, Hong Kong Math Society, 1986, 1st Japan Conference on Graph Theory, Hakone, 1986, 1st China-United States conference on Graph Theory, Jinan, 1986, China, Chemical Society Japan, Shizuoka, 1987, 30th Anniversary Conference of Thessaloniki Graduate School Business Administration, 1987, 1st International Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Hong Kong, 1988, 7th Sunbelt Conference on Social Networks, Tampa, Florida, 1989, 4th International Conference On Mathematical Chemistry, Galveston, Texas, 1989, 9th Conference on Discrete Mathematics Clemson University, 1989, 13th Conference,Londong, 14th, Charleston, 1996, 16th, University Mississippi, 1996, International Conferences on Graph Theory, Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, 1968-1992, 2d Balkan Conference OR, Thessaloniki, 1993, 1st Pan-Hellenic Conference on computers and mathematics, Ioannina, Greece, 1993. Distinguished visiting lecturer University Center Florida, Orlando, 1984, 90.

Invited Reunion of Nobel Laureates, Lindau, Germany, 1989, distinguished scientist in residence New York Academy of Sciences, 1977. Humboldt Foundation fellow, Munich, Germany, summers 1978, 79. Director summer schools North Atlantic Treaty Organization, Frascati, Italy, 1962, Varenna, Italy, 1964.

Participant numerous international symposia in honor of 70th birthday including Estonian Mathematics Society, Tartu and Kaariku, 1991, Graphs and Hypergraphs, Varenna, Italy, 1991, Graph Theory and Applications, Durban and Itala, South Africa, 1991, Graph Theory and Theoretical Chemistry, University Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Canada, 1991, Graph Theory and Computer Science, Monterrey, Guadalajara, Mexico, 1991, Graph Theory and Mechanical Engineering Taiwan, 1991.



Member American Mathematics Society, London Math Society, Glasgow Math Society, Edinburgh Math Society, Canada Math Society, S.E. Asian Math Society, Malaysian Math Society, Calcutta Math Society (vice president since 1978), Mathematics Association American, Society for Industrial and Applied Math, Allahabad Mathematics Society.


Children: Miriam, Natalie, Judith, Thomas, Joel, Chaya (deceased).

Joseph Harary

Mary (Laby) Harary

Miriam Harary

Natalie Harary

Judith Harary

Thomas Harary

Joel Harary

Chaya Harary (deceased)