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Franklin Clark Fry


Franklin Clark Fry, American clergyman. Awarded Grosse Verdienst-Kreuz, Fed. Member Phi Beta Kappa.


Fry, Franklin Clark was born on August 30, 1900 in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, United States. Son of Franklin Foster and Minnie Clark (McKeown) Fry.


Bachelor of Arts, Hamilton College, 1921. Graduate Philadelphia Lutheran Seminary, 1925. Graduate work American School for Classical Studies, Athens, 1921-1922.

Doctor of Divinity, Muhlenberg College, 1939, Doctor of Humane Letters, 1952. Doctor of Divinity Hamilton College, 1946. Doctor of Theology, Elizabeth University, Sopron, Hungary, 1947, Goettingen U., Germany, 1956, U. Helsinki, Finance, 1963.

Doctor of Laws, Thiel College, Gettysburg College, Wittenberg College, 1945, Hartwick College, 1946, Waterloo (Canada), 1963, Georgetown University, 1964, Le Moyne U., 1968. Doctor of Divinity, Lafayette and Moravian Colls., 1964. Doctor of Letters, Wagner Memorial Lutheran College, 1945, U. Alaska, 1958.

Doctor of Humane Letters, Roanoke College, 1945, Scientiae Juridicae Doctor, 1956. S.T.D., Wycliffe College, U. Toronto, 1950. Doctor of Divinity, Yale, 1960.

S.T.D., Maryville College, 1960. I.R.D., Midland, 1962. Doctor of Divinity, Princeton, 1962, Harvard University, 1962, Luther Seminary, 1966, Valparaiso U., 1967.

Doctor of Humane Letters, Washington and Jefferson, 1965. Juris Canonici Doctor, Juris Civilis Doctor, Susquehanna, 1966. Doctor of Humanities, Lenoir Rhyne College, 1966, Augustana College, 1968.

Doctor of Letters, Akron, 1967. Doctor of Civil Law, Newberry, 1957.


Ordained to minister of Lutheran Church synod of New York and N.E., 1925. Pastor, Lutheran Church Redeemer, Yonkers, New York, 1925-1929, Trinity Luth Church, Akron, O., 1929-1944. Secretary commission on-evangelism United Lutheran Church of America, 1930-1938, member board American missions, 1934-1942, member Executive Board United Lutheran Church American, 1942-1944, president, 1945-1962.

President of Lutheran Church in America since 1962. Member of national preaching mission and nat. Christian mission department evangelism Federal Council of Churches, 1936, 1941-1942.

Chairman policy and strategy committee National Council Churches of Christ in United States of America, 1954-1960. President Lutheran World Relief, Incorporated. Member Executive Committee Lutheran World Federation, 1947-1969, treasurer, 1948-1952, 1st vice president 1952, president 1957-1963.

1st vice chairman American Relief for Korea, 1950-1954. Director Church World Services, Inc., 1946-1950. Vice chairman Central and executive coms., World Council Churches, 1948-1954, chairman 1954-1969.

Honorary citizen Korea, 1953. Director Wittenberg College, 1934-1938.


  • Contributor to publications Awarded Grosse Verdienst-Kreuz, Federal Republican Germany, 1953. Grosses silberne Ehrenzeichen mit stern from Austria, 1955. Grosses Verdienstkreuz mit Stern, 1960.

    Grosskeruz des Verdienstordens der Bundesrepublik, 1963.


Member Phi Beta Kappa.


Married Hilda A. Drewes, May 17, 1927. Children: Franklin Drewes, Robert Charles, Constance Hilda (Mistress.

Franklin Foster Fry

Minnie Clark (McKeown) Fry

Hilda A. Drewes

Franklin Drewes Fry

Robert Charles Fry

Constance Hilda (Mrs Fry