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Fred Manville TAYLOR


Fred Manville TAYLOR, economist. President, American Economic Association, 1928.


TAYLOR, Fred Manville was born in 1855 in Northville, Michigan, United States of America.


Bachelor of Arts Northwestern University. Doctor of Philosophy University Michigan, 1888.


Originally a political scientist, his early economic interests were in applied and, particularly, monetary questions, however, he developed an increasing interest in theory, and his Principles of Economics reflects the development of his ideas through teaching general economics, in which he placed a strong emphasis on theoretical rigour. Many of his pupils became distinguished economists. His theoretical position was a modified version of the doctrines of the Austrian School.

His 1929 article was an answer to von Mises’ argument that socialism was impractical. Professor, Albion College, 1879-1892. Assistant Professor, Professor, University Michigan, 1894-1929.


  • President, American Economic Association, 1928.