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Frederic Tozere, American actor. Member Actors Equity Association (council 1944-1949, 1952-1957, 59-69), A.F.T.R.A. (mem.


Tozere, Frederic was born on June 19, 1901 in Brookline, Massachusetts, United States. Daughter of Silence, 1961.


Educated Brookline, Massachusetts, and New York City. Student Alexis Kosloff, Beverly Sitgreaves, Yeatman Griffiths.


May 1968). Made his New York debut with Russian Ballet in role of Shah in Scheherazade and as Le Jeune Homme in Le Dieu Bleu, 1919. With Morgan Dancers, 1920, Stepping Stones, 1924-1926 Criss Cross, 1927. Actor on legitimate stage, 1927-1972.

With stock companies in various large eastern cities of the United States, 1927-1930. Roles in New York prodns. Stepping Sisters, Journey’s End, 1930.

Betty Be Careful, 1931. Blue Monday, 1932; Julius Caesar, 1933. Murder’ in the Cathedral, Road to Paradise, 1936.

It Can’t Happen Here, The Sun and I, Red Harvest, A Hero Is Born, As you Like It, 1937. Shoemaker’s Holiday, A Doll’s House, Mme. Capet, Waltz in Goosestep, Glorious Morning, 1938.

Key Largo, 1939; Journey to Jerusalem, 1940. Garbielle, Trojan Women, Cuckoos on the Hearth, 1941. Solitaire, Watch on the Rhine 1942.

Outrageous Fortune, 1943. Stovepipe Hat, The Letter (in Canada), Personal Appearance (in Chicago), In Bed We Cry, 1944. Signature, The Rich Full Life, Oedipus Rex, 1945.

Salute to Murder 1946. Miracle in the Mountains, 1947. Tower Beyond Tragedy, 1950.

The King of Friday’s Men, First Lady, 1952. Josephine, 1953; Thieves’ Paradise, 1956. St. Joan, 1956; appeared in Happy Town, 1959.

Caliqula, 1960; Daughter of Silence, 1961. A Majority of One, 1961. The Advocate, in 1962.

Hidden stranger, in 1963. A Perfect Frenzy and the Peacock Season, 1964. Teahouse of the August Moon, 1964.

Gigi, 1965; Man Who Came to Dinner, 1965. A Majority of One, 1965. A Case of Libel in 1966.

The Sorrows of Frederick, in 1967. Little Boxes 1969; Postcards, 1970. Wars of the Roses, 1970.

Also appeared in numerous motion pictures, 1939-1972, including, Return of October, Live Today for Tomorrow, Iron Curtain, An Act of Murder, Madame Bovary, Father Was A Bachelor. On numerous television programs, including Maugham Playhouse, Kraft Playhouse, Montgomery Presents, Studio One, Treasury Men, Broadway television. Theatre, You Are There, Hallmark.


Member Actors Equity Association (council 1944-1949, 1952-1957, 59-69), A.F.T.R.A. (mem.


Married Mary Brady, January 9, 1927 (deceased.

Silence Tozere

Mary Brady