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Frederick William Pethick-Lawrence

economist , author , British cabinet minister

Frederick William Pethick-Lawrence, British cabinet minister, economist, author. Fellow Trinity College, Cambridge, 1897-1903; member Indian Round Table Conference, 1931; Fellow Royal Statistical Society.


Pethick-Lawrence, Frederick William was born on December 28, 1871 in London, England. Son of Alfred and Elizabeth (Ridge) Lawrence.


Student Wixenford Preparatory School, 1882-1885, Eton, 1885-1891. Master of Arts, Trinity College, Cambridge, 1898.


Fellow Trinity College, Cambridge, 1897-1903. Professor economics and social questions Manchester College, Oxford, 1900-1901. Joined Indiana Labor Party and Fabian Society, 1901.

Chairman Consolidated Newspapers, 1901-1905. Editor Echo, London evening newspaper, 1902-1905. Editor Reformers’ Year Book, 1904-1908, Labor Record and Review, 1905-1907.

Business manager for militant suffragettes and editor weekly Votes for Women, 1907-1914. Elected member Parliament for W. Leicester defeating Mr. Winston Churchill, 1923, 24, 29.

Financial secretary to Treasury in 2d Labor government, 1929-1931. Member Indian Round Table Conference, 1931. Elected Member of Parliament for East Edinburgh, 1935, re-elected, 1945.

Sworn member privy council, 1937, leader of opposition House of Commons, 1943. Deputy chairman of the executive empire Parliamentary Association, 1945. Secretary State for India, Burma, 1945-1947.

Trustee National Library of Scotland, since 1942. Elevated to peerage, created Baron Pethick-Lawrence of Peaslake, 1945.


  • Author: Local Variations in Wages, 1899. Chapter The Housing Problem in Heart of the Empire, 1902. Woman’s Fight for the Vote, 1910.

    The Man’s Share, 1912. A Levy on Capital, 1918. Why Prices Rise and Fall, 1920.

    (review) 1923

  • Unemployment, 1922. The National Debt, 1924. This Gold Crisis, 1931.

    Finance chapter Twelve Studies to Soviet Russia, 1932. The Money Muddle and the Way Out, 1933. Fate Has Been Kind (autobiography), 1943.

    Mahatma Gandhi (joint), 1949.


Fellow Trinity College, Cambridge, 1897-1903. Member Indian Round Table Conference, 1931. Fellow Royal Statistical Society.

Clubs: Royal Aero.


Married Emmeline Pethick, October 2, 1901.

Alfred Lawrence

Elizabeth (Ridge) Lawrence

Emmeline Pethick