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Frederick William Scheidenhelm

hydraulic engineer.

Frederick William Scheidenhelm, American hydraulic engineer. Decorated Distinguished Service Medal; recipient Fuertes gold medal Cornell, 1917; Thomas Fitch Rowland prize American Society of Civil Engineers, 1918.


Scheidenhelm, Frederick William was born on June 16, 1884 in Mendota, Illinois, United States. Son of Jacob and Katherine (Faber) Scheidenhelm.


Bachelor of Arts, Cornell Univercity, 1905. C.E., 1906.


Structural and hydraulic encr. West Penn Rys. Company, 1906-1909. Organized 1909, Pittsburgh Hydro-Electric Company, of which was vice-president and chief engineer until 1914.

Organizer, secretary-treasurer Mount Pk. Land Company; chief engineer Georgia-Carolina Power Company, 1910. Vice-president and chief engineer Hydro-Electric Company of West Virginia, 1911-1914, etc.

Consulting engineer, Pittsburgh, 1914-1915. Consulting engineer, reconstruction of Stony River, West Virginia, dam. Associated with Daniel W. Mead in consultant hydraulic and hydroelectric practice, New York, 1916-1917, and 1919-1948.

Consultant engineering practice in own name since 1948. Secretary-treasurer, Scheidenhelm Construction Corporation, general contractors, New York, 1916-1917. Supervising consultant, Claytor dam and hydro-electric development, New River, Virginia, 1937-1939.


  • Contributor transactions American Society of Civil Engineers, other technical publications Invented anchoring wall for dams.


Member Engineering College Council Cornell Univercity, 1939-1957. Served from captain to lieutenant colonel United States Army Engineers, 1917-1919, commander 26th Engineers, water supply regiment Advertising Educational Foundation. Fellow A.A.A. S.; member American Society of Civil Engineers (Chairman of Commission on cost allocation for multiple water projects, since 1945), Cornell Society Engineers, American Arbitration Association.

American Institute of Cons. Engineers, Society American Military Engineers (nres. New York 1926). Tau Beta Pi.

Clubs: Cornell, Downtown Athletic, R.R.-Machinery (New York City).


Married Clare Louise Espenschied, January 22, 1912. Children: Faber (deceased), Mistress.

Jacob Scheidenhelm

Katherine (Faber) Scheidenhelm

Clare Louise Espenschied

Faber Scheidenhelm (deceased)

Mrs Scheidenhelm