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Fredrik Lund, Swedish physician. Fellow International College Angiology (science council); member Swedish Society Medical Angiology (honorary), International Committee on Standardization Angiological Methods.


Lund, Fredrik was born on March 10, 1916 in Sodertälje, Sweden. Son of David and Gunhild Lund.


Certified physician, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, 1943. Graduate, 1951.


Assistant physician Medical Clinical Södersjukhuset, Stockholm, 1943-1945. In charge vascular lab.pt. Caridovascular Clinic Södersjukhuset, 1951-1956.

Researcher Clinical Research Center Södersjukhuset, from 1991. Resident Stockholms Sjukhem, 1946-1951. With pharmacology department Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, 1949-1951.

Head physician Geriatric Sjukhus, Enskede, Stockholm, 1957-1982. Private practice cardiovascular diseases Stockholm, 1957-1997. Consultant in clinical physiology Lund (Sweden) University, 1982-1983, clinical physiology department Karolinska Hospital, Stockholm, 1983-1990, clinical physiology department Sodersjukhuset, Stockholm, 1984-1990.


  • Achievements include research in geriatrics and angiology. Invention of diagnostics and methods in vascular disease: principles of analysis and evaluation of digital pulse wave form to reveal vasospasm and early structural changes in arterial narrowing and elasticity loss. Studies of the course of disease and effect of vasoactive drugs and changes in lifestyle.

    Overview of evaluation of nutritional blood perfusion of the skin and microvascular permeability by a new technique of rapid sequence or video fluorescein imaging. Introduction of the transcutaneous route of drug administration (nitroglycerin for systemic and local use). Treatment of advanced peripheral arterial disease with e.g. thrombolysis, and oral longterm anticoagulation.

    In addition to initial intravenous hydroxyethylrutosides for prevention of amputation in end pont ischemia.


Fellow International College Angiology (science council). Member Swedish Society Medical Angiology (honorary), International Committee on Standardization Angiological Methods.


Married Gunvor Henriks. Children: Gunilla, Agneta, Staffan.

David Lund

Gunhild Lund

Gunvor Henriks

Gunilla Lund

Agneta Lund

Staffan Lund