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Galina Samsova

ballet dancer

Galina Samsova, USSR Ballet dancer.


Samsova, Galina was born on March 17, 1937 in Stalingrad.


Studied at the Kiev Choreographic School. Graduated in 1956.


Dancer, then star at the Kiev Theatre of Opera and Ballet. Married the Canadian dancer and teacher A. Ursuliak. Moved with him to Canada, where she joined the Canadian National Ballet, 1961.

Starred in many ballets all over the world, including the London Festival Ballet. In 1972, together with her second husband A. Prokovskii, set up the New London Ballet. From 1979, a star of the Royal Ballet, also a teacher and choreographer.

Continued to dance throughout the 1970s. Now divorced from Prokovskii.