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Galina Shmarlovskaya Edit Profile

also known as Galina Aleksandrovna Shmarlovskaya

economist , Professor , scientist , doctor of economics , dean of international economic relations department

She was the Head of a newly created Academic Department of Business Economics, the Head of the Academic Department of World Economy. And starting from 5.11.2008 she has been a Dean of International Economic Relations Department.


In 1980 she finished postgraduate study at Political Economy Department of BSEU and was assigned for the position of assistant. In 1984 she successfully defended a Candidate’s Thesis and in 1985 was elected for the position of a Docent. In 1987 she was entitled an academic rank of a Docent. In 1995 she graduated from Doctoral Candidacy of BSEU and in 1996 defended a Doctoral Thesis and was elected for the position of a Professor. In 2000 she was entitled an academic rank of a Professor of Economics.


She is the author of more than 120 scientific publications.

Principal monographs: Theory of Pledge: Regularities of Formation and Public Regulation. Mn., 1996; Budgetary and Fiscal Regulation: Theory and Practice. Mn., 2000.

Principal manuals: History of Economic Science / edited by G.A. Shmarlovskaya. Mn., 2001(with signature stamp of Ministries of Education of Belarus and Russia); Economy of Belarus in the System of Global Economic Cooperation / edited by G.A. Shmarlovskaya. Mn., 2006.


  • Awards:

    Certificate of Merit of Council of Ministers of Belarus, 2003

    Commendation of President of Belarus, 2008

    Medal of Common State “For cooperation”, 2009

    Award Pin of Ministry of Education of Belarus “High Achiever of Edication”, 2010

    She was repeatedly awarded with Certificates of Merit by Ministry of Education, BSEU administration.