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Galina Napoleonovna Urbanovich Edit Profile

athlete , internationalreferee

Galina Napoleonovna Urbanovich was a Soviet Olympic gymnast.


Urbanovich, Galina was born on September 5, 1917 in Baku.


Graduated from the Moscow Institute of Physical Culture, 1957.


Honoured Master of Sports (gymnastics), 1946. Honoured coach of the RSFSR, 1964. International referee, 1968.

Sports instructor. USSR champion, 1939-1952. Absolute USSR champion, 1943-1948, and 1950. Olympic silver medallist, 1952.


  • She won a gold and silver medal at the 1952 Helsinki games. She was seven times all-around gymnastics champion of the USSR. Her achievements earned her the Honoured Master of Sports of the USSR award.