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Geng Haoran Edit Profile


Geng Haoran is the University of Jinan Professor.


Geng was born on 22 April in 1954 in Qingdao, Shandong, China, Shandong, China.


In 1997 Geng obtained a doctorate degree, the same year was named professor.


Now as a doctoral tutor, vice president Institute of materials, University of Jinan Institute, University of Jinan distinguished position structure material chief gang professor. Enjoy Special government allowances of the State Council , Shandong Province outstanding young experts of Shandong Province, top-notch professional and technical personnel. Incumbent Chinese Academy of management science Life-long researcher, director of the Beijing International Exchange Association, vice director of the magazine found that long, member of Shandong province machinery industry science and Technology Committee of experts, " University of Jinan "," Chinese Journal of modern manufacturing engineering "magazine editorial board.

Mainly engaged in non-ferrous metal smelting and casting, new metal materials research and development, casting metal liquid characteristics and teaching and research work of genetic aspects. Especially in the non-ferrous alloy refining, modification and grain refinement technology, novel antifriction, anti friction non-ferrous alloy made outstanding achievements. Have developed aluminum based antifriction alloy, zinc base antifriction alloy ZAS35 high strength and high toughness, high strength ZL210A aluminum alloy and other new type alloy material. Report of 2 national invention patents.


  • Patents for New Kind Of Aluminum Alloy, Zinc Base Alloys, Structure And Physical Properties Of Alloys.

    The scientific research and teaching awards at all levels of more than 10 items, including the first to complete the identity of adult State Education Commission science and technology progress award 2 1, Shandong province science and technology progress award 2 prize 3 2, Shandong Province, Shandong Province, 1 theoretical achievements Technology Invention Prize 2 1, Shandong Province machinery industry science and technology progress 1 Award, school teaching achievement 1, 2 prize and many other awards. Won the national invention patent 6, the utility model patent license 1.