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Geoffrey Bush

composer , educator , musicologist , pianist

Geoffrey Bush, composer, pianist, educator, musicologist. Recipient Royal Philharmonic prize for overture Yorick, 1949; Guest Composer of Year, Music Teachers Association, 1962. Honorary fellow University College of Wales, 1986-1991; member Composers Guild Great Britain (council), Performing Rights Society Great Britain (chairman members' fund), British Academy Experts. Member Labour Party. Anglican. Died February 24, 1998.


Bush, Geoffrey was born on March 23, 1920 in London. Son of Christopher and Winifred (Chart) Bush.


Master of Arts (Nettleship scholar), Oxford University, 1940, Doctor of Music, 1946.


Christmas Cantata 1947, Yorick (overture) 1949, Summer Serenade 1948, In Praise of Mary 1955. Operas: If the Cap Fits 1956, The Equation 1967, Lord Arthur Saville’s Crime 1972; also two symphonies, chamber music and choral music. Lecturer in Music, Oxford University ExtraMural Department 1947-1952. Staff Tutor in Music, London University Extra-Mural Department 1952-1964, Senior Staff Tutor 1964-1980. Visiting Professor, in Music, King's College, London 1969-1989.

Music Adviser John Ireland Trust since 1969. Honorary Fellow University College, of Wales, Aberystwyth since 1986. Chairman Composers Guild of Great Britain 1957.

Performing Right Society Mems. Fund since 1987; Royal Philharmonic.


  • Other Work

    • Composer symphonies, operas, songs, instrumental music. Editor Musica Britannica, vols. 37, 43, 49, 52, 56

    • writer Musical Creation and the Listener, 1954.Left, Right and Centre, 1983, An Unsentimental Education, 1990.


Member Labour Party. Anglican. Died February 24, 1998.


  • Other Interests

    Detective fiction, theatre, tennis, bridge, walking, watching cricket, cooking.


Married Julie Kathleen McKenna, April 15, 1950. Children: Andrew, Paul.

Christopher Bush

Winifred (Chart) Bush

Julie Kathleen McKenna

Andrew Bush

Paul Bush