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Member of the Bundesrat

Georg LUDESCHER, Austrian Member of the Bundesrat. Kommerzialrat.


LUDESCHER, Georg was born on October 13, 1931 in Rôthis.


Bregenz Trade School, electrical engineering, 1946-1949. Bregenz Federal Technical College and Research Institute, preparation for HTL matriculation examination, 1978, matriculation. Konzessionsprüfung fur das Elektroinstallationsgewerbe, 1953.


Head of Trade Department, Chamber of Industry, Vorarlberg, 1980-1982, and Vice-President, since 1982. Chairman of Austrian Employers’ and Trade People's Federation, Vorarlberg provincial group, since 1982. Sent to Federal Council from Vorarlberg Provincial Assembly, member of Bundesrat, since 1982.

Chairman of Bundesrat, Jan.-June 1986. Opened electrician’s business, Rôthis, 1955. Committee member, Guild of Electrical Engineers, Radio Engineers and Television Engineers, since 1965, Deputy Guild Master, 1970-1975, Guild Master 1975-1981, and member of Federal Guild Committee, 1975-1981.

Member of Journeymen’s Examining Board for Electrical Engineering, 1967-1970, and Chairman, 1970-1980. Sworn specialist in electrical engineering, 1973-1980. Awarded title of Engineer.