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George Catlin

artist , author

George Catlin, American artist, author.


Catlin, George was born on July 26, 1796 in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, United States. Son of Putnam and Polly (Sutton) Catlin.


Painter 600 portraits of distinguished Indians, 1829-1838 (collection now in the United States National.


  • painting

    • Há-tchoo-túc-knee, Snapping Turtle, a Half-breed

    • A village of the Hidatsa tribe at Knife River

    • Co-ee-há-jo, a Seminole Chief

    • Tul-lock-chísh-ko, Drinks the Juice of the Stone (Choctaw)

    • Sioux War Council

    • Buffalo Bull Grazing

    • See-non-ty-a, an Iowa Medicine Man

    • Dance to the Berdache (Sac and Fox)

    • Osceola, Head Chief, Seminole

    • A Choctaw Woman

    • Ball Players

    • Osage warrior of the Wha-sha-she band (a subdivision of Hunkah)

    • Kút-tee-o-túb-bee, How Did He Kill, a Noted Brave (Choctaw)

    • Buffalo Bull's Back Fat (Stu-mick-o-súcks) Head Chief of the Blood Tribe (Blackfoot)

    • Hó-ra-tó-a, a Brave, Fort Union (Crow/Apsaalooke)

    • Mó-sho-la-túb-bee, He Who Puts Out and Kills, Chief of the Tribe

    • Sha-kó-ka (mint), a Mandan girl

    • Kei-a-gis-gis, a woman of the Plains Ojibwa

    • Tul-lock-chísh-ko, Drinks the Juice of the Stone, in Ball-player's Dress (Choctaw)

    • The White Cloud, Head Chief of the Iowa

    • Shonka Sabe (Black Dog). Chief of the Hunkah division of the Osage tribe

    • Hól-te-mál-te-téz-te-néek-ee, Sam Perryman (Creek Chief)

    • Ah-yaw-ne-tak-oár-ron, a Warrior

    • Ball-play of the Choctaw--Ball Up

    • Little Bear, Hunkpapa Brave

    • Ball-Play Dance

    • Kee-o-kuk (The Running Fox)

    • Attacking the Grizzly Bear

    • Mah-to-toh-pe (Four Bears, Mandan chief)


Married Clara B. Gregory.

Putnam Catlin

Polly (Sutton) Catlin

Clara B. Gregory.