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George A. Krimsky Edit Profile

journalist , lecturer , media critic , author

George Krimsky was an American journalist, author, lecturer, media critic and non-profit administrator. He had a career that spanned nearly five decades, much of that spent abroad or working in international affairs.


George Krimsky was born on January 11, 1942 in New York, United States. He was the son of John and Angela Krimsky, and grew up in New York, California, and Connecticut.


Krimsky graduated in 1960 from The Gunnery Prep School. He attended Middlebury College since 1960 till 1962.


Krimsky joined the Army in 1962. Following three years of military service, during which he studied Russian and lived in Germany, he returned home and took a job as a reporter for The Republican newspaper in Waterbury, Connecticut.

In 1969 he began working for the Associated Press in Los Angeles. Krimsky served 16 years with the Associated Press, reporting from Los Angeles, New York, the Soviet Union and the Middle East. Following his overseas service, he was appointed head of AP’s World Services News Department. In 1984, he left the AP to found ICFJ, originally known as the Center for Foreign Journalists. After 11 years as its first president, Krimsky returned to his home state of Connecticut as an independent consultant, later serving in Central Asia as a media trainer for the Center.

He then returned to his journalistic roots in Connecticut by writing a column for his hometown newspaper.

Krimsky is the co-author (with ICFJ Board Treasurer John Maxwell Hamilton) of a 1995 book entitled Hold the Press, aimed at explaining the American newspaper industry to a general audience, and a book about a New England slave who earned his freedom in the 18th century.


  • George Krimsky is known as a journalist and author, who covered Charles Manson’s arrest, the Lebanese civil war, and dissident activity in the Soviet Union and cofounded a center for international journalists.


  • Other Interests

    Woodworking, tennis


Krimsky was married to Paula Gibson. They had 2 children - Alissa Dana and Michael Jerrold.

John Krimsky - Producer

Angela (Atwell) Krimsky - sculptor

Paula Gibson

Alissa Dana Krimsky

Michael Jerrold Krimsky