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George Allan Dodd Edit Profile

army officer

George Allan Dodd, American army officer.


Dodd, George Allan was born on July 26, 1852 in Rose’s Valley, Pennsylvania, United States. Son of of Allan Grinnell and Emily (Stiger) D.


Graduated from the United States Military Academy, 1876.


June 1880. Commissioned Second lieutenant 3d Cavalry, June 15, 1876. Advanced through grades to colonel 12th Cavalry, April 14, 1908. Brigadier general, July 1, 1916, and retired by operation of law, July 26, 1916.

Participated in numerous campaigns against Indians, 1876-1883. Introduced improved system of handling and training cavalry, 1888 and 1891-1893. Duty Chicago during Pullman strike.

1894; visited England in connection with military tournaments, 1895. Inaugurated United States military tournaments, Madison Square, New York, 1896-1897. Duty in Cuba, 1898, in Philippines, 1899-1901.

Chief umpire of Division, August-September 1906. Duty General Staff, 1907-1908. Commanded 2d Cavalry Brigade.

Douglas, Arizona, 1915-1916. Commanded western column Mexico punitive expedition, 1916. Recommended for brevetted “for gallantry in action and returning to firing line while wounded,” Battle of San Juan, Cuba, July 1, 1898.

For bvts. as major and lieutenant colonel, by Generals Lawton and Young, “for gallant service in attacking in the darkness, and dispersing a large force of the enemy in a most dangerous and difficult pass,” 1899, later as colonel for same affair. For bvts. by General Wheaton. “for most gallant conduct in action”.

Home: Ithaca, New York.


Married Agnes Clara Steele.

Agnes Clara Steele.