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George Emil Purcaru Edit Profile

Geophysicist , researcher , seismologist

George Emil Purcaru, Romanian Geophysicist, seismologist, researcher. Achievements include development of new scale of earthquake magnitude, new classification of earthquakes; successful predictions (place, size or time) of large earthquakes of 1977 (Romania), 1980 (Italy), 1996 (Central Aleutians); new theoretical method for probabilistic prediction of earthquakes; new method for identifying spatial-temporal dynamics of earthquakes.


Purcaru, George Emil was born on March 22, 1939 in Budisteni, Arges, Romania. Son of Ion and Mihaela (Constantinescu) Purcaru. arrived in Germany, 1975.


University Diplomate in Mathematics and Seismology, U. Bucharest, Romania, 1960; Doctor of Philisophy in Seismology, U. Oulu, Finland, 1976.


Researcher, Romanian Academy, Bucharest, 1961-1973; researcher, Norwegian Royal Council Science, Kjeller, 1974-1975; researcher, U. Frankfurt, Germany, since 1975. Chairman of the section methods earthquake prediction European Seismological Commission, since 1990.


  • Achievements include development of a new theoretical method for probabilistic predication of earthquakes. Development of earthquake energetic balance foundation based on strain-energy, seismic moment and stress drop. Development of a new method for identifying spatial-temporal dynamics of earthquakes.

    Development of a new phenomenological model-multiply-tuned criticality (Management and Training Corporation) of earthquakes. Development of a new tool for locating future large earthquakes. Development of a new scale Master of Engineering of earthquake magnitude.

    The first successful prediction model of large earthquakes in Romania. The first map of places of future large earthquakes in Europe and surroundings. New classification of earthquakes.

    Successful predictions (place, size or time) of large earthquakes of 1977 (Romania), 1980 (Italy), 1996 (Central Aleutians). Research in foundation of strain. Research in seismic and fracture energy.

    Research in the balance of earthquakes with Hamilton's principle. Research in the theoretical foundation of precursors efficiency in earthquake prediction. Research in earthquake cycles and seismic gaps.


  • Other Work

    • Contributor over 100 articles to professional science journals and proceedings of international conferences including Bulletin of Seismological Society of America, Geophysical Journal Royal Society London, Tectonophysics, Transactions American Geophysical Union.


Expert advisor Program Science for Peace North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Member American Geophysical Union (life), Seismological Society of America (life), Seismological Society Japan, New York Academy of Sciences, European Advisory Evaluation Committee Earthquake Prediction of Council Europe, Asian Seismological Commission.


  • Other Interests

    Philosophy, astronomy.


Married Livia Cornelia Russu, September 3, 1966. 1 child, Vanessa.

Ion Purcaru

Mihaela (Constantinescu) Purcaru

Livia Cornelia Russu

Vanessa Purcaru