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George Julius Poulett SCROPE


George Julius Poulett SCROPE, economist. Fellow, Royal Society, 1826; Member of Parliament for Stroud, 1833-1868.


SCROPE, George Julius Poulett was born in 1797 in England.


Bachelor of Arts University of Cambridge, Cambridge, United Kingdom, 1821.


He adopted the name Scrope on marrying the heiress of that family, and his interest in the state of the workers on the Scrope family estate turned his attention partially away from geology, in which he had already made a name, to political economy. He wrote many pamphlets on economic questions, opposing the Malthusian theory of population, defending the Poor Laws, advocating unemployment insurance, criticising the gold standard and commenting on other issues. He was, however, more than just a current commentator, attributing business cycles to psychological causes aggravated by monetary phenomena, and using the concept of equilibrium to analyse supply and demand.

Despite the high quality of his work and his publication of a systematic treatise, his contribution was largely ignored. Private income.


  • Fellow, Royal Society, 1826. Member of Parliament for Stroud, 1833-1868.