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George Thomas T. Delacorte, Edit Profile

philanthropist , publisher

George Thomas Delacorte,, American publisher, philanthropist. Member Lost Tree Club {North Palm Beach, Florida}, University Club {New York City}.


Delacorte,, George Thomas was born on June 20, 1894 in New York City.


Student, Harvard University, 1910-1911;AB, Columbia University, 1913.


His goal was to entertain readers who were not satisfied with the genteel publications available at the time. The company was one of the largest publishers of books, magazines, and comics during its heyday. His most successful innovation was the puzzle magazine.

An alumnus of Columbia University (1913), he donated money to the university which established the Delacorte Professorship in the Humanities and helped found the Delacorte Center for Magazine Journalism and the creation of the Delacorte Professorship in Magazine Journalism in 1984. The university recognized him with an honorary doctorate in 1982. In 1962, he donated money to establish the Delacorte Theater in Central Park, New York City.

He also donated money for the George Delacorte Musical Clock in the park, a sculpture of Alice in Wonderland, sculptures of The Tempest and Romeo and Juliet, and a fountain in City Hall Plaza. He is memorialized by several funds in The New York Community Trust who offer a biographical brochure.


Member Lost Tree Club {North Palm Beach, Florida}, University Club {New York City}.


Son of George T. and Cecilia {Koeing} D. M Margarita von Doenhoff, August 3, 1912 {deceased}. Children: Albert, Margarita, Malcolm, Consuelo, Marianne, Victoria.

Married Valerie Hoecker, May 15, 1959.

George T. Cecilia


Valerie Hoecker

Albert Delacorte,

Margarita Delacorte,

Malcolm Delacorte,

Consuelo Delacorte,

Marianne Delacorte,

Victoria Delacorte,