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George Wylie Paul Hunt


George Wylie Paul Hunt, American governor. member Ariz.


Hunt, George Wylie Paul was born on November 1, 1859 in Huntsville, Missouri, United States. Son of George Washington and Sarah Elizabeth (Yates) Hunt.


Education public and private schools about 8 years.


Ranchman on Salt River, Arizona, 1890-1900. Became connected with Old Dominion Commercial Company, Globe, Arizona, 1890, secretary, since 1896, president, since 1900. Elected member Arizona legislature, 1892, reëlected, 1894.

Elected to Upper House, 1896, 98, 1904, 06, 08 (president of council 1905. 09); president Constitutional Convention, 1910. Elected 1st governor State of Arizona, December 12, 1911.

Reëlected for terms 1914-1919. Appointed United States commissioner of conciliation, 1917, to negotiate settlement of miners’ strike in Arizona. Exponent of prison reform.

President Anti-Capital Punishment League. Appointed Envoy Extraordinary and Member of Parliament to Siam, March 1920. Resigned October 1, 1921.

Again governor of Arizona terms, 1923-1928 and 1931-1933. Elected chairman Arizona Colorado River Commission, 1927 and 1931. Home: Phoenix, Ariz.


Member Ariz.


Married Duett Ellison, February 24, 1904.

George Washington Hunt

Sarah Elizabeth (Yates) Hunt

Duett Ellison