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Georges CARDOEN, Belgian Senator.


CARDOEN, Georges was born on December 28, 1930 in Galmaarden, Belgium.


State education and free education. Various vocational courses, management, financial management, PTT.


Local councillor, 1959. Mayor, Galmaarden, since 1965. Provincial councillor, Brabant, 1971-1978.

Member of Chamber of Representatives, 1978-1985. Senator, Brussels district, since 1985. Member, senate Committee on infrastructure.

Deputy chair, senate Committee on internal affairs. Substitute representative, senate Committee on agriculture and small businesses. Substitute representative, senate defence committee.

Substitute representative senate Committee on naturalisation. Member, Flemish council Committee on internal affairs and language regulation. Substitute representative, Flemish council Committee on cooperation.

Substitute representative, Flemish council Committee on welfare and health. Adviser, various ministries. Chair, centre for elderly people VZW Pepingen.

Chair, Herstel and Rustoord Mater Dei te Heikruis. Chair. Association of Belgian towns and municipalities (Flanders) (VBSG).