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Georgiy Andreevich MITEREV

Professor , of Medicine since 1950

Georgiy MITEREV, USSR Professor, of Medicine since 1950. Doctor of Medicine Science since 1945; Professor, Chair of General Hygiene, Sechenov 1st Moscow Medicine Institute, since 1958; Chairman, Executive Committee, USSR Union of Red Cross and Red Crescent Society, since 1954; since 1957 V.-President, League of International Red Cross; Editor, journal “Sovetsky krasny krest” (Soviet Red Cross).


MITEREV, Georgiy was born in 1900.


1925 graduated, Medical Faculty, Saratov University.


Member, Soviet Committee the Defense of Peace. Member, Editor Board, journal “Gigiena i sanitariya” (Hygiene and Public Health). 1955 visited China; 1957 visited Eastern and Western Germany and held talks with Red Cross representative in Munich on repatriation of former Soviet citizens in exchange for German war prisoners.

1958 visited Poland; 1959 attended 25th session of League of International Red Cross, Athens. 1961 applied to Sudan government for permission to supply Lumumba’s supporters via Sudan with provisions, drugs and cars from Soviet Red Cross. Works on hygiene sanitation and organ, of publications health.

1925-1932 Head, Meleksa Rayon Health Department, Ulyanovsk Oblast. 1932 State Inspector, Central Volga Kray, and Chief Doctor, Samara Central and General Hospital. 1939-1947 Popular Commissar then USSR Ministry of Health.

1941_45 representative, State Committee of Defense for Anti-Epidemic Measures. 1947-1954 Director, Erisman Sanitation and Hygiene Research Institute, Moscow. 1951-1958 Head, Chair of General Hygiene, Moscow Pharmaceutical Institute.