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Gerald Warner Brace

author , educator.

Gerald Warner Brace, American author, educator. Member American Association University Professors, Phi Beta Kappa.


Brace, Gerald Warner was born on September 23, 1901 in Islip, New York, United States. Son of Charles Loring and Louise (Warner) Brace.


Bachelor of Arts, Amherst College, 1922, Doctor of Letters, 1969. Master of Arts, Harvard, 1924, Doctor of Philosophy., 1930. Doctor of Letters, Southeastern Massachusetts U., 1965, U. Maine, 1972.


Instructor Williams College, 1924-1926. Instructor, tutor Harvard, Radcliffe College, 1927-1930. Instructor Dartmouth, 1930-1934.

Instructor, assistant professor Mount Holyoke College, 1934-1939. Professor of English, Boston University, 1939-1968, Professor of English emeritus, 1968-1978. Teacher Cummington School, summer 1934, Writers Conference, U. N.H., summer 1953.

Visiting lecturer Harvard, 1955-1956.


  • Author: The Islands, 1936. The Wayward Pilgrims, 1938. Light on a Mountain, 1941.

    The Garretson Chronicle, 1947. A Summer’s Tale, 1949. The Spire, 1952

  • Bell’s Landing, 1955.

    The Age of the Novel, 1957. The World of Carrick’s Cove, 1957. Winter Solstice, 1960.

    The Wind’s Will, 1964. Between Wind and Water, 1966. The Department, 1968.

    The Stuff of Fiction, 1969. Days That Were, 1976, 79.


Member American Association University Professors, Phi Beta Kappa.


Married Huldah Laird, December 3, 1927. Children: Charles Loring, Gerald Warner, Barbara (Mistress.

Charles Loring Brace

Louise (Warner) Brace

Huldah Laird

Charles Loring Brace

Gerald Warner Brace

Barbara (Mrs Brace