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German Kapitonovich MALANDIN

general , military

German MALANDIN, Full General since 1948; Chief, USSR General Staff Higher Military Academy, since 1959. Hero of Socialist Labor; two Order of Lenin; other orders; medals.


MALANDIN, German was born in 1902 in Orenburg, now Chkalov.


1925 graduated Moscow Higher Technology School.


Deputy, Russian Soviet Federated Socialist Republic Supreme Soviet of 1959 convocation. Hydroelectr. Plant, since 1957. Former Chairman, USSR Council of Ministers.

Member, Communist Party, since 1920. B. 1902 Orenburg, now Chkalov. Education: 1925 graduated Moscow Higher Technology School.

End of World War II as Lieutenant-General, Chief of Staff, 13th Army. After the war Deputy Chief, Operations Section, General Staff, then Deputy Commander in Chief of Ground Forces. Later until 1959, Chief, Main Staff, USSR Ground Forces.