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Giorgio Napolitano

President of the Chamber of Deputies

Giorgio NAPOLITANO, Italian President of the Chamber of Deputies.


Napolitano, Giorgio was born on June 29, 1925 in Naples, Italy.


Doctor of Laws, University Naples, Italy, 1946.


Student activist-communist and anti-fascist. Co-founder of student movement, Naples University and nationally, 1945-1946. Former Secretary Communist Federations of Naples and Caserta.

Head of Southern Committee of Central Committee of Italian Communist Party. Head of Committee on Mass Work. Member Central Committee, from 8th Congress of Italian Communist Party.

Member Leadership of Italian Communist Party, from 10th Congress. Head of Cultural Committee of Central Committee of Italian Communist Party. Deputy, Naples-Caserta, 1953.

Re-elected 1968; re-elected Deputy, 1972. Member Committee on Trade and Industry. Re-elected Deputy, 1976.

Member Committee on Labour. Re-elected Deputy, 1979. Member Committee on Labour.

Member Central Committee of Italian Communist Party, Head of Organizational SectionProblems of the Party. Member Secretariat and Leadership of Italian Communist Party. Pres, of Italian Communist Party parliamentary group.

Re-elected Deputy 1983. Member Committee on Budget and Planning. Re-elected Deputy, 1987.

Member Committee on Foreign and Community Affairs. Member of the European Parliament, since 1989. President, Chamber of Deputies.


partito Comunista Italiano (PCI, Italian Communist Party), 1945