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Giovanni Spadolini

educator , executive , other: government

Giovanni Spadolini, Italian other: government, executive, educator. Decorated officer Legion Honor, Cavaliere di Gran Croce Ordine al Merito della Repubblica; recipient Hemingway Special prize, 1987.


Spadolini, Giovanni was born on June 21, 1925 in Florence, Italy. Son of S. Guido and Leonella Spadolini.


Degree in Law, University Florence.


National Secretary, Partito Repubblicano Italiano (Italian Republican Party) from 1979. Elected Senator, Milan (I), since 1972. Minister for Cultural Heritage 197476.

Founded Group of Republican Senators, 1976. Several times Pres, of Committee on Public Instruction. Pres, of Partito Repubblicano Italiano (Italian Republican Party) Senate Group.

Minister of Public Instruction, in Andreotti government, 1979. First non-D.C, Pres, of the Council, 1981 -82. Also elected Deputy, Milan.

Minister of Defence in 1st and 2nd Craxi government, since 1983. Re-elected Senator, Milan (I). Milan II and Milan IV 1987.

President Regulatory Body. Pres, of the Senate, 1987. Director of TI Resto del Carlino’ (1955-1968) (daily).

‘Corriere della Sera’, (1968-1972). University Professor from 1950. First Professor of Modem History.

Writer for TI Mondo’, from 1949. Pres, of‘Bocconi’ University, Milan. President Central Committee for history studies.

President Tuscan Society for the History of the ’Risorgimento’. National Member, Lombardy Institute of Science and Letters. Director of ‘La Nuova Antología’ (magazine).

First Signatory of Silone manifesto, 1950, for liberty and culture.



S. Spadolini