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Under Secretary of State of Foreign Affairs

Giuseppe GIACOVAZZO, Italian Under Secretary of State of Foreign Affairs. Journalism Prizes: ‘St. Vincent'; Campione d'ltalia; ‘Salsomaggiore'; ‘Chianciano’.


GIACOVAZZO, Giuseppe was born on September 6, 1925 in Locorotondo, Italy.


Elected Senator, Tricase, 1987. Member Committee on Budget. Under Secretary of State of Foreign Affairs.

Journalist; founded and directed first Resident Theatre, Region of Puglia. 1950’s; with Edoardo de Filippo and Paolo Grassi, founded Theatre triangle Milan-Napoli-Bari, 1960s Co-founder of Southern Italy Group, Puglia. Editor in Chief of ‘Gazzetta del Mezzogiomo', 1967.

Head of Cultural Section, RAI-tv, television news, since 1967. Director of TV programmes and debates: ‘Controcampo’, ‘Incontri’, ‘Bianconero’, ‘Ping-Pong’. Director, for many years, night-time television News programme.

Director of‘La Gazzetta del Mezzogiomo’, 1979-1987.


  • Dietro la rabbia', Turin, 1977.