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finance educator

Giuseppe Tardivo, Italian finance educator. Recipient Knowledge Management Cases and Experiences, Sinergie, 2008, Silver medal, Economics Western Piedmont-UniCredit Group, 2009, Cluster's Models, European Union, Italian Academy Business Management, 2009.


Tardivo, Giuseppe was born on April 11, 1948 in Peveragno, Cuneo, Italy. Son of Vincenzo and Maria (Dalmasso) Tardivo.


Graduate in economics and commerce, University Turin, Italy, 1976.


Finance budget manager Telecom Italia, 1986, professional master corporation planning and managerial control, 1991-1992. Professor finance Economic Business School University Turin, 1987, director international activities, 1991-1998. Researcher business management University Turin, 1996, associate professor, 1998, professor business management, faculty economics, 2000, vice director graduate school business management Doctor of Philosophy, 2001, science coordinator, 2002, director, faculty economics, Cuneo Branch, 2004, member science committee foreign trade, 2006, professor, Finance Economic Business School, 2007.

Honorary visiting professor Ecole Superieure Commerce-Paris, London, 2005. Member science committee SINERGIE, 2009. President science committee Giorgio Giovanni, UniCredit Group, 2010.

Consultant Sanpaolo Formazione, 1990. Board advisors A.I.E.S.E.C., Turin Branch, 1991. Member technical committee Public Administration Training and Development Association, University Turin, 1991.

Advisor for Italy International Association for Harmonisation of Fiscal Treatment, Amsterdam, 1991. Coordinator Mercator and Innonet-Eurometropol networks University Turin School Business, 1991. Member Italian national board directors Italian Association Consultant in Finance and Finance Markets, 1994.

Visiting professor National Academy Economics Russian Federation, University Lyon III, France, University Nevada, University Pomona, Los Angeles. Reviewer European International Business Academy, 2001. Area manager sinergie Offl.

CUEIM Review, 2003, member, Italian National University Board Business Management, 2000. Keynote speaker California State University, Pomona & International Business Association, 2004. Member National Management Board Experts Finance & Finance Markets, 1994, UniCredit Private Banking Board, 2006, Banca Cassa di Risparmio di Savigliano Board, 2006, UniCredit Group Territorial Committee Nothwestern Piedmont Board, 2007, Stati Generali della Provincia Cuneo, 2007, Piedmont United Nations Educational Board, 2008.

Keynote speaker international meeting International Business Association, Los Angeles, 2002. Honorary member United Nations Development Fund Women, 2008. General secretary CRESAM, University Research Center, 2005.

Member science committee UCID-Piedmont, 2009, torch-bearer Olimpic University, Torino, 2007.


  • Other Work

    • Author: Telecommunications in Italy, 1989, Financial Analysis, 1989, Financial Futures and Options, 1990, Business Finance Handbook, 2010, Activity Based Management and Managerial Control, 1995, Benchmarking, 1998. Member editorial board Journal Finance Management and Analysis, Bombay, India, 1990, Af Analisi Finanziaria, Milan, Italy, 1990, Budget, Milan, 1994. Contributor professional journals.


Member Finance Management Association, Italian-French Management Association (board directors), Erasmus/Socrates Committee University Turin (board directors), Academy International Business-United States West Region.


Vincenzo Tardivo

Maria (Dalmasso) Tardivo