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Gleb Pavlovich Iakunin

Russian Orthodox clergyman

Gleb Iakunin, Russian Orthodox clergyman.


Iakunin, Gleb was born in 1934 in Moscow.


Graduated from the Irkutsk Fur Trading Institute, 1959. Studied at the Moscow Seminary.


Priest, 1962. Became involved in the struggle for the rights of believers. Together with another Orthodox priest, N. Eshliman, wrote an open letter to Patriarch Aleksii, cruizing the conformism of the church hierarchy, 1965. His studies on the situation of the church and religion circulated in samizdat and contributed to the religious revival in the Soviet Union.

Founded a committee for the defence of the rights of believers in Moscow, 1976. Arrested, 1979, and spent several years in prisons, camps and exile. Released, 1987. Pleaded for a more active role for the church under the present conditions in the USSR, 1988.