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union official

Glenn Ellis Watts, American Union official. Recipient Urban Trade Unionist award National Urban Coalition, 1978, Silver Beaver award, 1965.


Watts, Glenn Ellis was born on June 4, 1920 in Stony Point, North Carolina, United States. Son of George Dewey and Nellie Viola (Ellis) Watts.


With, Chesapeake & Potomac Telephone Сompany, Washington, 1941-1948; with, Communications Workers American, Washington, 1942-1985; president division 36, Communications Workers American, Washington, 1948-1951; director district 2, Communications Workers American, Washington, 1951-1956; assistant to president, Communications Workers American, Washington, 1956-1965; vice president, Communications Workers American, Washington, 1965-1969; secretary-treasurer union, Communications Workers American, Washington, 1969-1974; president, Communications Workers American, Washington, 1974-1985; president emeritus, Communications Workers American, Washington, since 1985. Vice president executive council American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations, 1974-1985, vice president emeritus, since 1985. Vice president industrial union department, 1968-1985, member Executive Board maritime trades department, 1974-1985.

Member National Labor Committee for United States Savings Bonds, 1975. National advisory board Labor Council for Latin American Advancement, 1975-1985. Member labor policy advising committee for trade negotiations Department Labor, 1975-1979.

Member industry-laborcouncil White House Conference on Handicapped Individuals, 1976. Chairman labor subcommittee President's Committee on Employment of Handicapped, 1977. Member secretary's advisory council Department Commerce, 1976-1977.

Member President's Commision on Mental Health, 1977-1978.


Member President's Commission on the Holocaust, 1978-1979. Member United States Holocaust Memorial Council, 1979-1993. Past member District of Columbia Appeals and Review Board, District of Columbia Wage and Hour Review Panel, Home Rule for District of Columbia Committee.

Member national advisory committee National Congress Community Economic Development, 1974. Past chairman community chest relations committee National Capital Area council Boy Scouts American, past chairman James E. West District, 1969-1971. President Health and Welfare Council of National Capital Area, 1967-1969.

Member Inter-American advisory committee Postal Telephone and Telephone International, 1968-1974, member executive committee, 1977-1985, vice president, 1978-1981, president, 1981-1985. General chairman United Giver's Fund, 1968, president, 1971-1975. Secretary United Way of America, 1971-1976.

Board directors, treasurer United Way International, 1974-1978. Member-at-large Democratic National Committee, 1974-1985, member incomes policy study group of domestic affairs task group, 1974-1976. Trustee, secretary-treasurer American Institute Free Labor Development, 1974-1985.

Member United States Association for Club of Rome, 1978-1980. Trustee American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations Human Resources Development Institute, 1974-1985, George Meany Center for Labor Studies, 1976-1985. Trustee Ford Foundation, 1976-1988.

Trustee Aspen Institute for Humanistic Studies, 1974-1989, trustee emeritus, since 1989. Trustee National Planning Association, 1974-1980. Governing board Common Cause, 1974-1977.

Secretary-treasurer Center for Management Services, 1974. Honorary vice chairman American Trade Union Council for Histadrut, 1974. Member national advisory council Arizona Heart Institute, 1974-1980.

Board directors American Arbitration Association, 1975-1979, American Productivity Center, 1978-1982, New Directions, 1977-1980, Alliance to Save Energy, 1977-1980. Member national committee on coping with interdependence Aspen Program of Humanistic Studies, 1975-1977. Board directors Council on Foreign Relations, 1987-1990, Initiative Committee for National Economic Planning, 1975-1976, Overseas Development Council, 1987-1991.

Trustee, member executive committee Joint Council Economic Education, 1976-1979, Collective Bargaining Forum, 1983-1992, co-chairman 1983-1987, advisory board Collective Bargaining Institute George Washington University, 1987-1992. Member Commission on a National Institute Justice, 1976-1979, Trilateral Commission, since 1977, Helsinki Watch, 1978-1990, commission Future United States-Mexico Relations, 1987-1989, executive committee American Agenda, 1988.


Married Bernice Elizabeth Willett, November 8, 1941. Children: Glenn Ellis II (deceased), Sharon Elizabeth Ann Perlmutter, Marianne Elizabeth Watts Erickson.

George Dewey Watts

Nellie Viola (Ellis) Watts

Bernice Elizabeth Willett

Glenn Ellis II Watts (deceased)

Marianne Elizabeth Watts Erickson Watts

Sharon Elizabeth Ann Perlmutter Watts