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Godfrey Macdonald Edit Profile

business executive.

Godfrey Macdonald, business executive. Decorated Order Generalisimo Francisco de Miranda, (Venezuela); Orden de Merito Industrial, en el Grado de Gran Oficial (Colombia).


Macdonald, Godfrey was born on May 29, 1899 in Atlanta. Son of Godfrey Harrison and Edith (Pennington) Macdonald.


Student St. Pauls School, Concord, 1911-1916, Central High School, Washington, 1916-1918, Princeton, 1918-1922.


Entered Grace Organisation, New York, 1922, assistant manager W. R. Grace & Company, Atlanta, 1924-1925, sast. manager Nitrate Agilysys Company, New Orleans, 1926-1928, manager Young & Griffin Coffee Company, New Haven, 1920-1930. Transferred to Grace Line, 1930, traveling fgt. agent, with headquarters New York, 1931, district manager Grace Line, Philadelphia, 1932-1934, fgt. traffic manager Intercoastal Service, 1934-1936, assistant passenger traffic manager, 1936-1945, passenger traffic manager, 1945-1948, vice president in charge passenger traffic, 1948-1961, vice president in office of president, since 1961.


Served with United States Army 1918. Member Venezuelan Chamber of Commerce of the United States (president 1948-1951), Colombian Chamber of Commerce, (past president), Pan American Society, Peruvian American Society, Chilean American Society, St. Andrews Society State of New York (board of managers 1955-1957), Princeton Engineering Association, Association Internationale des Skal. Clubs: Rotary, City Midday, Rockefeller Luncheon, Skal of North America (past president), (New York).


Married Elizabeth Boeckeler, May 21, 1924. Children: Elizabeth Edith (Mistress.

Godfrey Harrison Macdonald

Edith (Pennington) Macdonald

Elizabeth Boeckeler

Elizabeth Edith (Mrs Macdonald