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Granville Henderson Oury

congressman , farmer , lawyer

Granville Henderson Oury, American congressman. member Ariz.


OURY, Granville Henderson was born on March 12, 1825 in Abingdon, Washington County, Virginia, United States, United States.


Studied law, Bowling Green, Mo.


He moved to Bowling Green, Missouri, with his family in 1836 and was admitted to the Missouri bar in 1848. A Democratic lawyer and a farmer, he moved to San Antonio, Texas, before joining the mining rush to California in 1849. In 1856, he went to Tucson, Arizona, to practice law.

He was a district court judge for Arizona and New Mexico before the Civil War. Oury, a secessionist, was elected to represent the Arizona Territory as a nonvoting delegate to the provisional Confederate Congress. His appointment was primarily a symbolic gesture to show the Confederate government’s concern for territories.

Oury resigned from the Congress in 1861 to serve as a captain in Herbert’s Battalion of the Arizona Cavalry in the Confederate Army. He also served as a colonel under General Henry Sibley in various western campaigns during 1862. In Arizona he fought the unionist policies of John Robert Baylor and Malcolm MacWillie.

After the war, he returned to his Tucson law practice. In 1866, he was elected speaker of the territorial House, and two years later he became attorney general of the territory. From 1881 to 1885, he served as a Democrat in the U.S. House of Representatives.


"Peculiar institution" of slavery was not only expedient but also ordained by God and upheld in Holy Scripture.


Stands for preserving slavery, states' rights, and political liberty for whites. Every individual state is sovereign, even to the point of secession.


Member Ariz.