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Hans Martin Blix

ambassador , Minister of Foreign Affairs , retired international organization official

Hans Martin Blix is a Swedish diplomat and politician for the Liberal People's Party. He was Swedish Minister for Foreign Affairs. Blix was also the head of the United Nations Monitoring, Verification and Inspection Commission.


Blix was born in Uppsala, Sweden.


Uppsala Univ, Sweden, 1951, Bachelor of Laws; Cambridge Univ, 1959, Doctor of Philosophy; Stockholm Univ, 1960, Doctor of Laws


Hans Blix is well-known for his involvement in the United Nation's disarmament and monitoring program of nuclear weapons in Iraq.

He was called out of retirement by then former Secretary General, Kofi Annan in 2000 to help lead the UN's effort in Iraq. As head of the United Nations Monitoring, Verification and Inspection Commission, Blix was responsible for taking inspection teams into Iraq to make sure that the country was following proper disarmament guidelines. During his tenure as the chief inspector, Blix admonished former leader Sadaam Hussein for playing 'cat and mouse games' and for a decade of unnecessary sanctions. Blix also clashed with the Bush administration over the reasons to go to war.

In 2002, the commission began searching Iraq for weapons of mass destruction, ultimately finding none. In February 2010, the Government of the United Arab Emirates announced that Blix will be the head of an advisory board for its nuclear power program.


  • book

    • Disarming Iraq (2004)

    • Why Nuclear Disarmament Matters (2008)


The Liberal People's Party (Swedish: Folkpartiet liberalerna, FP) is a liberal and conservative-liberal political party in Sweden.The official party ideology has historically been social liberalism, which translates as a strong ideological commitment to a mixed economy, with support for comprehensive but market-based welfare state programs. However in recent years the party has moved markedly towards conservative liberalism in its social attitudes.


Quotations: "The world has gotten so interwoven" Hans Martin Blix

"What surprises me, what amazes me, is that it seems the military people were expecting to stumble on large quantities of gas, chemical weapons and biological weapons" Hans Martin Blix


  • Institute de Droit International


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