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Hans Carl Somogyi Edit Profile

educator , Nutritionist

Hans Carl Somogyi, Swiss nutritionist, educator. Recipient Award of CSSR Academy, 1968, E. Kofrany award Foundation Academy Nutritional Sciences, 1988.


Somogyi, Hans Carl was born on February 27, 1913 in Budapest, Hungary. Son of Adalbert and Maria (Aranka) Somogyi.


Doctor of Medicine, University Budapest, 1938. Privat Docent, University Zürich, Switzerland, 1961. Honorary Doctor, University Budapest, 1991.


State fellow Istituto di Sanità Publica, Italy, 1938. Rockefeller fellow University Basel, Switzerland, 1938-1941. Director pharmaceutical departments various industries Switzerland, 1941-1958.

Director Institute Nutrition Research Green Madow Foundation, Switzerland, 1958-1978. Professor nutrition University Zürich, 1961-1983. With Institute for Social and Preventive Medicine, Zürich.


Member International Union of Nutrition Sciences (secretary-general 1969-1972, president finance committee 1985-1993), Group of European Nutritionists (president 1971-1983, honorary president 1989), Swiss Association for Nutrition (vice president 1965-1973, president 1973-1983, honorary president 1983), International Foundation Nutrition Research and Nutrition Education (president 1981-1987), Austrian Society for Nutrition Research (honorary), German Society Nutrition (honorary), Hungarian Society Nutrition (honorary, Tangl award 1988).


Married May 3, 1942 (deceased August 1986). Children: Andreas, Christian, Francis, Hans-Martin.

Adalbert Somogyi

Maria (Aranka) Somogyi

May 3

Andreas Somogyi

Christian Somogyi

Francis Somogyi

Hans-Martin Somogyi