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Harold Locke Hazen


Harold Locke Hazen, American educator. Recipient Levy medal of Franklin Institute, 1935; Lamme Gold medal American Society Engineering Education, 1962; Presidential Certificate of Merit, 1948; L.E. Grinter award Engineers Council Professional Development, 1975, Rufus Oldenburger medal American Society of Mechanical Engineers, 1977.


Hazen, Harold Locke was born on August 1, 1901 in Philo, Illinois, United States. Son of Wirt Mandeville and Elta Belle (Brewer) Hazen.


Bachelor of Science, Massachusetts Institute Technology, 1924, S.M. Entertainment, 1929, Doctor of Science, 1931.


With Massachusetts Institute Technology, since 1925, research assistant in electrical engineering, 1925-1926, instructor, 1926-1931, assistant professor, 1931-1935, associate professor, 1935-1938, professor, head department electrical engineering, 1938-1952, dean Graduate School, 1952-1967, foreign study adviser, 1967-1972. Member of advisory council department electrical engineering Princeton, 1948-1956. Chief div. 7. National Defense Research Comm., 1942-1946, exchange professor electrical engineering Ohio State University, 1934-1935.

Consultant on engineering education Robert College Istanbul, 1955, interim president, 1961. Consultant engineering education American U. Beirut, 1957, Ministry of Education, Iceland, 1958.


  • Contributor articles on instrumental calculation, automatic control devices, engineering education, accreditation.


Member of the United States Naval Weapons Laboratory advisory council, 1953-1965. Served as Second lieutenant Air Service, 1924-1929. Fellow I.E.E.E. (life), American Academy Arts and Sciences (council), Franklin Institute (life).

Member American Society Engineering Education (life.


Married Katherine Pharis Salisbury, September 5, 1928. Children: Stanley Seamans, Martha Locke (Mistress.

Wirt Mandeville Hazen

Elta Belle (Brewer) Hazen

Katherine Pharis Salisbury

Stanley Seamans Hazen

Martha Locke (Mrs Hazen