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Harold Montgomery Martin Edit Profile

Naval officer

Harold Montgomery Martin, American naval officer. Decorated Distinguished Service Medal, Gold Star, Bronze Star, Silver Star, Legion of Merit and star, Presidential citation, Unit Citation. Club: Racquet (Philadelphia).


Martin, Harold Montgomery was born on January 18, 1896 in Bay Mills, Michigan, United States. Son of David A. and Jeanne (Montgomery) Martin.


Student of University of Illinois, 1913-1914. Bachelor of Science, United States Naval Academy, 1918.


1 son, David Bronson. Commissioned ensign, United States Navy, 1918, and advanced through the grades to vice admiral, 1951. Served in United States Ship Winslow, 1918-1919, United States Ship Nevada, 1919-1921.

Naval aviator, United States Ship Langley and United States Ship Saratoga, 1921-1938. Force aviator, Scouting Force, 1938-1940. Serving at Naval Air Base, Kaneohe, Oahu, T.H., 1941.

Commandant Naval Air Base, Midway, 1942-1943. Commanding officer United States Ship San Jacinto, 1943-1944. Chief of staff, commander air force, Atlantic Fleet, 1944-1945.

Chief Naval Air Technology Training, Memphis, Tenn. Commander 1st and 7th Fleets. Commander Air Force Pacific Fleet.

Retired, 1956.


Club: Racquet (Philadelphia).


Married Elizabeth Risque Bronson, September 26, 1922.

David A. Martin

Jeanne (Montgomery) Martin

Elizabeth Risque Bronson