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Harris Franklin Rall


Harris Franklin Rall, American theologian. Award, 1940).


Rall, Harris Franklin was born on February 23, 1870 in Council Bluffs, Iowa, United States. Son of Otto and Anna (Steiner) Rall.


Bachelor of Arts, State University Iowa, 1891 (Phi Beta Kappa), A.M., 1892. Bachelor of Divinity, Yale, 1897. Studied as fellow of Yale, U. Berlin, 1897-1898, U. Halle-Wittenberg, 1898-1899, A.M., Doctor of Philosophy., 1899.

Graduate student, lecturer Yale, 1899-1900. Doctor of Divinity, University Denver, 1914, Ohio Wesleyan University, 1915, Garrett Biblical Institute, 1940. Doctor of Laws, Ohio Wesleyan University, 1934.


John, August 14, 1897 (died June 1921). Children—Mary Elspeth, Frances St. John (deceased). Married second, Maud St. John, November 30, 1922.

Ordained Mechanical Engineering ministry, 1900. Pastor Trinity Church, New Haven, 1900-1904, 1st Church, Baltimore, 1904-1910. President Iliff School Theology, Denver, 1910-1915.

Professor Christian doctrine Garrett Biblical Institute, 1915-1945. Author: Social Ministry, 1911. A Working Faith, 1914.

A New Testament History, 1914. Life of Jesus, 1917; Teachings of Jesus, 1918. Modern Premillennialism and the Christian Hope, 1920.

The Coming Kingdom, 1924. The Meaning of God, 1925. Christianity and Judaism Compare Notes, 1927.

Christianity Today, 1928. Behaviorism—A Battle Line, 1930. Contemporary American Theology, 1933.

A Faith for Today, 1936. Religion and Public Affairs, 1937. Christianity: An Inquiry into Its Nature and Truth, 1940 (Bross Prize Award, 1940).

According to Paul, 1944. The Christian Faith and Way, 1947. Editor: A Guide for Bible Readers (8 vols.), 1945-1947.

Home: 721 Foster St., Evanston, Ill.



Married Rose St.;; married second, Maud St. Children: Mary Elspeth, Frances St.

Otto Rall

Anna (Steiner) Rall

Rose St.

Maud St.

Mary Elspeth Rall

Frances St Rall